Hi Kids:

As I promised you during class time, I am going to post the Power Point presentations you watched and an additional presentation
if you believe you need additional help.
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a) The following Power Point is just to review complete subjects and predicates. You may also download the grammar worksheet to practice.

b) This presentation is a step by step explanation to review simple, complete, and compound subject and predicates.

c) This slide show will allow you to practice the different types of simple sentence structure in an interactive way. Also feel free to download the compound subject and predicate worksheet.

d) Finally, I am posting for you a file with the answer key for "Reader's and Writer's Notebook pgs. 54, 61, and 98 in case you didn't have time to check your work in school.

I hope all of the presentations and worksheets are helpful for you.

with love,
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Ms. Pauly